• Leak detection survey and Inspection via:

    1. Moisture meter testing

    2. Electronic leak mapping

    3. Thermal Imaging technology

    4. Non-destructive testing

  • Defect analysis and remedial action

  • Technical advice and design review

  • Forensic Investigation

  • Heritage building reports

  • Maintenance report/ planning

  • Waterproofing workshops

  • Specification writing

  • Quality Assurance assistance

  • External Cladding reports

 A.W.C utilises the following standards/ guides


  • National Construction codes

  • Australian standards

  • ASTM standards

  • British standards

Building Elements


Substrates and systems 

  • Flat roofs - all membrane types

  • Insulated flat roofs - all types

  • Balconies

  • Doors and Windows

  • Planter boxes

  • Greenroofs

  • Internal wet areas

  • Rising Damp

  • Below ground tanking

  • Carparks and other infrastructure

  • Water tanks

  • External cladding

    1. EIFS

    2. Solid Plaster

    3. Brick

    4. Fibre Cement


Leak detection technology

Leak detection is a process of investigation and analysis using non destructive means with the use of modern technology as an aid to the process. Leaky roofs, balconies and indeed most building leaks is a process of elimination. Check out some of the methods we employ.


The Process of leak detection survey and remedial repair are done with care and a minimum of disruption. In some instances destructive analysis may be required and is done in consultation with the client. 



The problems and solutions centre


Are a team of experienced technical consultants who have an extensive knowledge base of the waterproofing Industry. With 30 years of capability behind us we have experience with a wide range of building products and processes used in the protection of building structures, let us assist you with your issue.


Our philosophy is to provide our clients with long-term solutions to their building issues. Waterproofing problems are an on going and costly dilemma if left untreated. Waterproofing defects are one of the largest costs to the building owner and the industry in relation to post construction defects. 


Who do you turn to??



Our clients are many and vary from Property and Strata ManagersCommercial and Residential Builders, Home Owners, Insurance assessors, Insurance builders, Govt departments, Universities, Architects, Engineers and more.


Our assistance will help to ensure a long term and durable result is achieved from any remedial action required to correct a defect, when refurbishment is required or if you need any technical advice.

Contact us by clicking this link discuss your requirements

St Patrick's Cathedral Ponds

major waterproofing refurbishment of Ponds associated with the St Patrick's Cathedral precinct

podium refurbishment RMIT

RMIT refurbishment of Podium level with Pavers on pedestals and artificial grass over new waterproofing membrane designed by Australian waterproofing Consultants

Historic facade refurbishment

Keim mineral silicate coating used as surface coating to provide an accurate historic coating and fully breathable finish

Carpark trafficable waterproofing

We have specified and worked on numerous commercial car park roofs where a trafficable yet extremely durable finish was required. do you have water coming into your premises?

Victorian Desalination plant

The Desal plant power stations were coated with a mineral silicate coating to provide long term protection.

greenroof membrane systems

Talk to us about waterproofing under soft and hard landscaping, you only have a chance to get it right.

Westgate Bridge waterproofing

A.W.C were instrumental in providing the worlds best waterproofing and protective coating under the Asphalt. Thanks to Equus Armac for the opportunity to work alongside their team

State Library of Victoria

Historic refurbishment to Dome annulus slab membrane works.

Epistixx Epoxy membrane finish

A.W.C specified an Epoxy protective finish to the internal floor slabs of this car park using an epoxy from Equus Armac

Residential complex

2 layer roofing membrane system.

Azzura Greens Resort

A.W.C provided specifications for the refurbishment of the gutter to provide a positive fall to outlets utilising tapered insulation.

Greenroof drainage and substrate

Green roofing is our specialty. Talk to us about the best waterproofing system for your green roof. We can assist with specification and on site QA

Museum of Contemporary Arts, Sydney

Roof membrane being installed over insulation panels. This is termed a "warm roof" installation. A complex system supported by expert support through Equus Armac

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Australian Waterproofing Consultants

Here are a sample of our clients

This Car park deck needs waterproofing, what materials are out there, who can I trust, how long will it last, is it complicated?

How do they test for leaks? can my roof be checked for leaks?

Water is coming into my basement and I need someone who knows about waterproofing below ground?


consult with engineer and architect re liquid waterproof protective coating

Historic roof refurb

refurb and replacement of existing screed and membrane. special light weight system required

semi intensive and extensive greenroof

consult with Architect and engineer for waterproofing and seismic joint issues. new project

Insulated Warm roof on steel deck

Insulated roofing membrane on steel deck. Rigid insulation over steel deck mechanically fastened. membrane fully bonded to finish

Residential roof

Plywood construction flat roof, new project

Liquid membrane

Liquid membrane to existing concrete roof deck.

liquid membrane

Liquid membrane to existing roof deck

below ground waterproofing

sheet membrane used as primary tanking membrane.

Clock tower

Historic clock tower refurbishment. Plaster repair and coating

clock tower

close up of clock tower showing detail

Liquid membrane to aerated concrete

Liquid membrane applied to Hebel panel (insulated concrete panel)

Stadium concourse

waterproof and protective coating as offices below concourse deck.

Historic Church

Historic church refurbishment. External coating to match old historic textured coating. coating was waterproof and protective


specification of waterproofing, drainage and green roof finishes, lease and consult with Architect and builder

previously tiled Hotel party deck

existing tiles and membrane failure, remove, re-waterproof (including mesh reinforcement. Note sound insulation included.

previously tiled hotel party deck

Bricks removed to facilitate detailing and install flashing prior to main membrane works

4 storey parking basement

failed shotcrete walls. Injection and other mitigating works carried out. plastered and coated to finish

4 storey parking basement

this picture shows some of the extent of damage to be rectified

Historic church tower

shows plater repair required prior to coating. assist Architect and on site assistance with QA

bridge deck

bridge deck waterproofing

Large Plywood roof

liase and assist architect with details, membrane and specification. on site liaison with builder and applicator

leaky basement

leaky basement effectively treated from positive side of leakage.

I've got a leak coming into the house from the outside cladding, what do I do, who can help me?

I've got a leaky balcony, where do I start!

I need an independent report on my waterproofing problem but I need an expert in waterproofing, who is there I can trust.






We have over 30 years experience in the waterproofing and protective surface coatings field within the construction and remedial repair Industry. We have been privileged to work with some great minds and some fantastic tradespeople who share a common goal to provide a level of service that ensures a customer receives the best result.


Our solutions to your problems will be the result of years of technical expertise, Hands-on knowledge and experience. This enables us to provide a high degree of comfort to our clients. We understand that the issues around building defects are complex and fraught with difficulties for the untrained. Allow us to shoulder some of the burden and help guide you through the process. 


Over the years we have worked with architects, engineers, builders, property managers and home owners in both new and remedial construction fields on projects as diverse as a residential home through to large commercial and industrial projects. Some of these include the State Library of Victoria, Westgate Bridge, Sheraton Hotel Fiji, Westfield, US State Dept, Knight Frank, BUPA, Wonthaggi Desal Plant Construction Team, CGU and QBE Insurance, Brookfield Multiplex, Hickory Construction, South East Water, Crown Casino Melbourne to name a few. 

Whether you are looking to find a solution to an existing waterproofing or protective surface coatings problem or require assistance in specifying any waterproofing in new construction works we can provide invaluable assistance. 


Karl has worked with all forms of waterproofing from liquid to sheet to cement-based systems and more. Our knowledge and understanding will be an invaluable asset to you and your team. 

Current members of 

Australian Society of Building Consultants

Australian Institute of Waterproofing

Australasian Concrete Repair Association

Forensic Engineering Society of Australia

Australian Tile Council 

ASTM International

Standards Australia

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"A.W.C promotes Best Practice in Waterproofing to provide Service, Durability and Peace of Mind" 

Australian waterproofing consultants

Australian Waterproofing Consultants


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4 storey parking basement

this picture shows some of the extent of damage to be rectified