RMIT Melbourne Terrace refurbishment

This project involved the rectification of a large leaking terrace area which forms part of a larger refurbishment project on this site. The existing terrace is covered with a structural slab, screed, waterproofing membrane and Tiles when originally constructed. Some years ago a liquid membrane was applied to the tiles in an attempt to re-waterproof the Terrace as a number of leaks had developed over time. This new installation failed to take into account the water/moisture entrapped within the original system and as a consequence this second membrane failed due to the effects of thermal movement, vapour blistering and the subsequent rupturing/ tearing of the liquid applied coating thus allowing even more water to enter the structure. This coating was unable to cope with retained moisture within the structure over time. It should be pointed out that this is not a failure of the coating itself rather they have not thought about the effects of retained moisture and its future impact on any applied coating.


In this case we elected to install a sheet membrane over the existing failed liquid membrane. This new membrane would be loose laid over the terrace and mechanically fastened to the structure with the laps and details being fully bonded. The details at perimeters and details were fully bonded or finished with a liquid membrane compatible with the structure and sheet membrane being used. This method of installation allows moisture retained beneath the new membrane to move freely about the structure and to dissipate over time. Any build up of vapor pressure is relieved without affecting the integrity or water-tightness of the new membrane installation. 

Once complete and waterproof the area has been covered with 20 mm Pavers set on pedestals and an area of artificial Turf also raised on pedestals with 18 mm compressed sheet which carries the Turf. This allows the waterproofing to be inspected at any time.

This project was ably assisted by the efforts of Graham Bell at CPR Services and their Team during the installation process of the waterproofing system and installation of the pedestals, pavers and artificial turf installation. 

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