Examples of Technology in use

Infrared Technology - uses the infrared radiation wavelength spectrum to detect electromagnetic waves that are given off by an object.  The Imager is capable of detecting, displaying and recording thermal patterns of an object. These images are then interpreted by a trained and certified Thermographer. 

Moisture meters - use a complex measuring form known as impedence mesurement to indicate a mineral substrates moisture content. A number measurements over a given area should be taken to provide an as accurate measure as possible. 

These images show exceptions that the trained consultants can further investigate. In these cases water inflitration has been caused by faulty overlap connections that were not readily detectable by the naked eye

This image shows the moisture content of the mineral surface being tested. In this case the concrete substrate can be termed as dry

The above thermal Images examples give an indication of thermal exceptions when looking for water leaks. These patterns are then further investigated to provide a detailed report for future discussion or to carry out corrective action works. Surfaces that can be tested include, balconies, below ground tanking, roofs and podiums to name a fewThey can also be used to confirm corrective actions undertaken by Australian waterproofing Consultants personnel. 

Introducing the A.W.C Dec Scanner

The A.W.C Roof Master Kit allows the Australian Waterproofing Consultant a full range of investigation equipment at their disposal, allowing for continuous point-of-contact, non-destructive surveying of moisture conditions in roofing and waterproofing systems up to 150 mm in depth, as well as non-destructive measurement of moisture conditions in concrete decks, wood decks and ambient relative humidity & dew-point conditions. Featuring the A.W.C Dec Scanner, a mobile non-destructive impedance scanner, the handheld A.W.C Roof and Wall Scanner non-invasive impedance scanner and the A.W.C CMEX II electronic moisture meter and Hygro-i ® relative humidity probe. 

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