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below is a sample of the various substrates we work with. No matter your problem or issues we can help

Insulated Flat roof membrane
Flat Membrane Roofs 

Do you have a flat roof?

Roofing membranes come in a variety of systems. These will include Liquid, Single Ply, built up Bitumen and Rubber based materials. These systems are designed for use on low slope finishes of generally not more than 1.5 degrees of fall.

Liquid waterproof membrane beneath tiles
Balconies, Planter Boxes

Balconies are constructed from concrete, plywood or other acceptable construction boards designed for use in such areas. these can be either tiled or they may be covered with a trafficable membrane. 

Below Ground 


Below ground leaks can be the most challenging however there are a number of remedial actions that can be applied once we understand the nature of the issue. This may involve what is termed as "negative side tanking" or "positive side tanking"

Methods include drained cavity protection, Injection of resins behind a wall, tanking to the external side where possible or a combination of systems dependant upon the given problem. We advocate following the British standard code of practice for below ground structures BS8102:2009.

EIFS cladding window junction

Cladding defects can be quite complex in nature. The variety of cladding elements, and the need to be adequately weatherproofed can present some difficulties. Cladding can also present issues where it meets other building features and details. Often these junctions can be compromised if coordination between trades is not considered. 


Our experience with cladding can assist with identifying and helping our clients to address cladding weatherproofing issues. Our network of partners assists us to develop remedial procedures. 

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