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This page will provide interesting articles and other waterproofing related news. we will post items here periodically to show or elaborate on some of the news and interesting happenings with the field of waterproofing. please check us out from time to time to see whats new.

Venting of flat roof membranes?

I was recently asked about venting of a flat roof membrane and how many should be put in and where? This is an HVAC question with venting of roofs a complex issue. if you have been asked this or wondered how we deal with this issue click below to see our explanation and answer

Warm roofs, what are they?

Warm roofs are low sloped roofs with Insulation on top of the roof structural decking. the most efficient form of thermal insulation for a roofs, Why??

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Waterproofing or Condensation problem ?

have I got a waterproofing problem or a condensation problem, how do I know, how do I treat it?. its important to treat the cause, its even better when the company you are dealing with know as well. click and read on

The 4D's of Weatherproofing

Deflection, Drainage, Drying and Durability. These are the 4 mantras we preach. All designers should be experts in this field and it should be a mandatory subject for any builder or designer of buildings. Buildings will leak, how do we manage this? Click on the PDF below to see what we mean

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