At A.W.C we will carry out an inspection of your building issue based an agreed scope of works and from this we will prepare a detailed report.


This report will form the basis of any corrective action that may be required. Our services also include design and specification review.


Depending upon the clients requirements we may also call for pricing and may be available for on site assistance during works. 

Maintenence works and Planning

Technical advice and defect analysis

Do you require planned maintenance, emergency maintenance or preventative maintenance?


Maintenance is an important part of protecting and minimising the 'Whole of Life Cost' for any asset. Roofs for instance are sometimes termed as the 5th wall, and in some respects is the most important wall because it protects every other structure below it, yet is often forgotten as it's seldom seen unlike every other vertical wall around the building.


A.W.C will help to prepare maintenance reports through the use of our leak detection technologies and on site reporting regimes. We can provide a condition assessment which can then be used as the basis for any maintenance works.


This service also extends to any other waterproofing issues that may be required to be maintained such as external wall surfaces etc. 

At A.W.C our work involves breaking a waterproofing issue down into smaller components. The objective is to get to the cause before we can get to the solution. Together with our team and our network of specialists we have the ability and foresight to help you through your problem.


We are often called on to provide technical advice to architects, builders and clients to provide solutions and expert opinion on best practice methods in both the new and remedial construction sectors.


Let us be your sounding board and Quality Assurance partner.   

A.W.C utilise the following standards and guides when completing your work:


Australian National Construction Code - current volumes


Australian Standards:


AS 4654 - 1- 2012 waterproof membranes for external above-ground use - materials

AS4654 - 2 - 2012 waterproof membranes for external above-ground use - design and installation

AS3740 - 2007 waterproofing of domestic wet areas

AS/NZ 4858 Wet area membranes

AS3958.1-2007 Ceramic tiles guide to the installation of ceramic tiles

AS4349.0-2007 Inspection of Buildings - General requirements


ASTM guides


D7186-14 Standard Practice for Quality Assurance Observation of roof Construction and repair

D7053/ D7053M-11 Standard guide for determining and evaluating causes of water leakage of low sloped roofs

D7954/D7954M Moisture surveying using Non-Destructive Electrical Impedance scanners

British Standards

BS 8102:2009 Code of Practice for Protection of below ground structures against water from the ground

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