Hotel Re-Roof

This Hotel has been in use for many years. The current Bitumen based flat roofing membrane had been poorly maintained and repaired over the years to a point at which it was no longer viable to continue the patch repair method employed. The materials were not compatible with the membrane installed, this is often a cause of repair failure. Contractors failed to understand the best methods required to effect a successful repair. In this situation we elected to replace the existing Bitumen membrane with a more up to date and technically advanced material. A.W.C carried out specification and site assistance duties. 

removal of old roof membrane and debris
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finished membrane
finished membrane

Note the amount of patch repair and debris to be removed from roof (see left images)

Re-Roofing: In this project the system took the form of a new 2 layer installation with a 20 year manufacturers warranty with the guidance and support of AWC

old membrane showing failed repairs

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