Residential Deck Refurbishment

This residential deck was covered by 2 layers of membranes and tiles and both systems had failed allowing water entry into the living spaces below. In this sitiation the remedy was quite clear. Due to the extent of damage to the underlying substrate all the materials had to be removed back to the deck substrate as we suspected damage to the underlying framing had taken place. In this case the substrate was plywood. Once the existing waterproofing (one was a liquid and the other was a rubber type) was removed and the 2 layers of tiles disposed of we could make a thorough examination of the plywood deck and gutter substrate. 

We found that we had some rotten Plywood and framing that needed to be replaced and that the gutter outlet was allowing water back into the substrate. Rectification was undertaken by removing the rotten timber at least 400 mm back into sound timber. the area was treated with a moss and mould killer and then new timber and plywood was reinstated. The gutter outlet was reinstated with a proper drip edge to prevent water back tracking under the otlet. The system used here is a liquid membrane finished with a decorative colour chip finish. In this case tiles were not used again. We elected not to use tiles as the deck is one large heat sink with the positioning of the deck such that it is prone to large thermal heat gain during the day, this in turn meant that any finish on this deck must have the highest degree of flexibility, yet must also be trafficable and durable. in consultation with the owner the colour finish was used. This allows for uninterrupted opportunities to inspect the deck at any time and the finish is not impeded in its ablity to move with thermal loading. 

Note 1 The "roof" membrane used as a trafficable deck surface, this is not supported by any manufacturer.


Note 1 The membranes removed and taken back to the original substrate. substrate and framing repairs had to be undertaken. 


Note 2 The perimeter walls have had a over flashing installed and complete repaint. 

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